HQ Terp Mixer

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This nail functions differently than others- somewhere between a regular banger and a slurper, but also neither. With powerful centrifugal action, the walls become a primary work zone. The whole spectrum of accessories comes into play here- spheres add heated mass and lower the work zone.


  • HQ No-Weld Seamless Design a fully worked connection between the bucket and neck. This smooth design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also adds to the overall strength of the nail.
  • Beveled Edge for better seal with a Marble Carb Cap
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • More Durable, Higher Airflow
  • Male Joint
  • 100% Thick Quality Quartz

**Add Marble for extra 20$**


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14mm x 90°, 10mm x 90°, 10mm x 45°, 14mm x 45°


Banger Only, With Random Galaxy Marble, With Blue Dichro Marble, With Orange Dichro Marble, With Green Dichro Marble, With Purple Dichro Marble, With Yellow Dichro Marble


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