Propeller Donut Recycler (Purple CFL)


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This rig delivers impressive filtration with its rotating propeller percolator and the recycler tube, leaving you with strong but cool and smooth hits. Amazing recycling function!! Perfect tornado/vortex in every rip creating a whirlpool-like effect that provides full flavor of your preferred concentrate.

  • Height: 8.5″
  • Joint: 14mm female (fits 14mm male bangers and bowls)
  • Rotating Propeller Percolator
  • Color: Clear with Purple CFL (This glass is light reactive, changes color based on the light it is under)

* Includes Free Flower Bowl *


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With Flower Bowl, With Thick Bottom Banger + Bowl, With Thick Opaque Bottom Banger + Bowl, With HQ Seamless Weld Deep Banger + Bowl


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